They like to eat well.
Like us.


We exist to nurture beautiful relationships between animals and their people through healthy nutrition. We believe animals make us better people, and like us, they need good natural food.

It’s raw,
made easy!

Tasty. Raw. Chunks.

Real chunks of
New Zealand meat
and organs

High protein.
Not high carbs.

RawMix50 Grass-Fed Beef


promotes healthy bones and joints

Omega 3 & 6
promotes skin health and shiny coats


No wheat or

No soy or

No added hormones
or growth promotants

New Zealand
grass-fed meat

New Zealand chicken

Animal instinct says this pet food is better.
Science agrees.

Your pal is designed by nature to need natural raw protein for energy and strength. They’ll love the added raw taste and digestibility. After all, it’s what they’re designed to eat!

cats and dogs, tigers and wolves

Natural Nutrition

Chunks of New Zealand meat and organs, freeze-dried to lock in the nutrition, combined with high protein meat and vege bites. It’s the safe and easy way to add raw. They’ll love it!






Meals, Mixers and Treats 


250+ Reviews

Jip loved it!

our dog usually doesn’t eat dry food as she doesn’t really respond well to it. She loved this food though and had no issues at all. It’s nice we finally find some dry food she can have


Otis is obsessed!

We mix our ALU food with his normal food and he digs around looking for all the yummy ALU bits first – he’s obsessed!


Lip Licking Good!

Incredible ingredients, with a taste so good both dogs wanted more! No yucky stomachs while changing over and the dogs got super excited to eat!

If I could afford it I’d be putting my dogs on it for sure!


Most delicious dog food ever invented!

Animals like us dog food is truly delicious going above and beyond all expectations! Benji is an extremely fussy eater and was never interested in his old food, but with this new food he keeps on coming back for more!


A picky eaters delight!

Louie is notorious for being a picky eater. We gradually introduced the new kibble into his diet and by the end of the bag he was wolfing it down! Being grain free the food was so gentle on his sensitive stomach. 10/10!! Would buy again!


Made in New Zealand

Our high protein recipes are all made in New Zealand. The fertile soils and milk climate allow for some of the world’s best natural farming practices; where animals can graze freely on wide open pastures and thrive in clear waters.

A bit stinky, just how they like it.

We source nutritious grass-fed meat, organs and fish from New Zealand farms and oceans. Because they’re safely freeze-dried raw, it’s a little bit stinky – just how they like it.