Meal Mixer

New Zealand Cage-Free Chicken
& King Salmon

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100% freeze-dried raw New Zealand cage-free chicken and organs, New Zealand King Salmon and superfoods. Supercharge your dog’s diet with this tasty raw meat boost

  • High Protein 51% – increases muscle mass and energy
  • Rich in Omega 3 and 6 – healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Added fibre and probiotics – for digestive health
  • Contains glucosamine for healthy bones and joints

Top 3 Ingredients

  1. Cage-Free Chicken & Organs
  2. NZ King Salmon
  3. Peas


  • 51% Crude Protein
  • 33% Crude Fat
  • 3% Crude Fibre

Raw Protein Boost

Raw Chicken and Salmon

Meat & Organs

Real chunks of nutritious
New Zealand chicken meat,
organs & King salmon



New Zealand superfoods:
green-lipped mussels,
blueberries, kelp & flaxseeds.

It’s easy!

Scoop and mix in with your regular dog’s food for a boost of taste and nutrition!

Local baby
No grains

No grains, sugars or
glycerins added

No added hormones

No added hormones
or growth promotants

No added food colouring

No added food

Sustainably farmed

Sustainably farmed
New Zealand king salmon

Cage-free chicken

New Zealand chicken