Like us, your dog doesn’t want a processed diet.


What they need is protein. But not all protein is equal. All that high heat processing other pet food makers use reduces vital amino acids (which are needed to turn protein into energy).

But protein from raw meat is packed with these essential amino acids. Now we’re talking!

So we’ve made it easy to give your dog the raw, natural protein they need.

Animals Like Us is a unique blend of freeze-dried natural meat and organs, sourced directly from sustainable, ethical farms. Raw protein means more energy, better health, and far better taste. What dog could say no to that?


Raw delivers more


protein power

Not all protein is equal.

It’s scientifically proven that protein absorption from raw protein is significantly higher than processed protein found in cooked or canned diets.1

Combine that with naturally higher protein levels in raw diets and you have a supercharged effect. More protein, working harder for your dog.

Our chunks of freeze-dried raw ingredients have locked in those super protein structures, delivering a powerful boost in every bowl.


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It’s good news for healthy poos!

Conventional heat processing of pet food reduces the availability of proteins and amino acids such as lysine.1 This makes it harder for your pal to digest and absorb.

In contrast, freeze-dried raw preserves these links and helps your pal digest more of the nutrition in their food.
Because they’ve absorbed more nutrition, there’s less out the other end. Meaning smaller, less smelly poos for you!2


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Dogs crave raw meat.

Dogs are naturally drawn to food with high concentrations of proteins and amino acids.1

They can taste the nutrition in the food, which is why they crave the goodness of raw meat and organs.

Our freeze-drying process locks in that natural nutrition and taste, creating lip-licking raw morsels with every bite.


1. Bradshaw, J. W. S. Sensory and experiential factors in the design of foods for domestic dogs and cats. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 50, 99-106, doi:10.1079/pns19910015 (1991).

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