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 dried raw goodness


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Where can I download brand assets?

You’ve come to the right place!
Click here for access to our partner folders.

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What is the product shelf life?

One of the benefits of using freeze-dried raw ingredients is the removal of moisture and reduction of harmful pathogens in the meat. This leads to a much longer shelf-life for our customers.

Our recipes all leave our factory with a shelf life between 18 – 24 months. For accurate dating per product, make sure you check the back of the pack!

How does your cost compare to other brands?

Animals Like Us ($41/kg) is priced halfway between premium kibble brands ($25/kg) and 100% freeze-dried and air-dried brands ($60+/kg)

This makes Animals Like Us a great stepping stone for customers looking to trade-up into the premium freeze-dried category, but not all the way to $60+ per kg.

How many servings per bag?

This does depend on the individual dog, their age and activity level.

But as a guide, using our RawMix50™ Beef Recipe:

Our 1.8kg bag will last a small (10kg) dog about 15 days and a larger (20kg) dog around 9 days.
Our 3.6kg bag will last a small (10kg) dog about 1 month and a larger (20kg) dog around 17 days.

Please recommend using our feeding calculator for customers who have specific questions about their dog.

Is Animals Like Us suitable for all dogs?

Animals Like Us RawMix33™, RawMix50™ and Meal/Mixers have been formulated to meet the AAFCO requirements for complete & balanced regular feeding of all small & medium dog breeds, across all life stages.

Our food is not formulated to meet the needs of large breed puppies who will exceed 30kgs as an adult.

Throughout a dogs life and dependant on activity level, they will require variation in feeding. So we always recommend inputting the specific dogs profile into our feeding calculator.

Who do I contact for trade & order enquiries?

Angus Harris, Head of Sales