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Our passion for natural solutions started in 1995, when Jeremy Moon, 
(co-founder Animals Like Us), founded his first company icebreaker, the pioneers of merino wool natural apparel. Working with Rob Achten (co-founder Animals Like Us), they successfully challenged a synthetics-based industry with a natural performance alternative consumers loved, across 40 countries globally.

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Animals Like Us was founded on the same principles. Having always had both dogs and cats in their families, it was frustrating that so much pet food was heavily processed, synthetic almost, packed with cheap carbs and fillers.

Believing that a natural diet was the answer, Jeremy & Rob started experimenting, building a bowl of what science believed our animals should be eating; a natural mix of real meat and organs, with just the right amount of fibre, just like in the wild. The emerging science behind raw diets supported this, proving our pals found the food both tastier and more nutritious.

The next challenge was making this affordable and accessible, solving the problem of the supermarket shelf. The answer was found in freeze-dried technology. Locking in the nutrition of raw in a safer, easier serve, which could then be mixed to create perfectly balanced blends.

Nature and technology, the perfect recipe, for the perfect recipe.


Made in New Zealand

Animals Like Us was born, and is made, in New Zealand. We source nutritious grass-fed meat, organs and seafood from our local sustainably & ethically managed grass-field farms and oceans.

We love our animals.

Two out of three New Zealand homes have a dog or a cat, and it’s said the other third want one.

The only native land mammals are bats.

That’s why we have flightless birds, the most famous of which is the Kiwi, where we get our nickname (not from the hairy fruit although we can see why you may have thought that).

Our head office is close to


a hill in Hawke’s Bay with the longest place name in the world.

 Five percent of the population is human, the rest are animals.

We have six times as many sheep as people, so even though we’re the size of the UK or Japan, you’re more likely to run into a merino or a hobbit than a human if you’re hiking.

We have no snakes or spiders that can kill you,

but in 1996, a man broke into a radio station in Whanganui and took the manager hostage, demanding that he play “The Rainbow Connection” by Kermit the Frog. So not all the animals are completely safe.

Things aren’t done in a hurry.

In 2008, Henry the tuatara (a very cool reptile we love who is actually a living dinosaur) became a father for the first time at the age of 111.

Planet and pet friendly

We’re proud to be a member of the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme in New Zealand. The goal of this programme is to reduce landfill and promote packaging recycling, so you can lessen the impact of plastic waste. You can return our packaging to one of their collection bins, usually located at your local supermarket, so that it can be recycled into useful products. You can find the nearest collection bins for New Zealand here.

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